Marketing. Communications.
Marketing: putting your product in the marketplace.
Communications: doing the above so people can understand what you do.

It’s something we do every day – advise clients on how to stand out by standing for something.

Construct cares passionately about the art of communication. Clarity and craft are cornerstones of every effort. Artless communication insults and alienates an audience; it proves that a business cares little about their message (and by implication, their customers). Continue reading


We create more than just great marketing tools for clients. Our marketing consulting programs help entrepreneurs and their staff understand and master the marketing process.

  • How to include marketing in their daily work.
  • How to plant marketing seeds all the time.
  • How to get better results and have fun with marketing.
  • How to get customers to act as sales people and refer you more often.

You’ll learn how to be a better marketer with individualized coaching in a series of coaching sessions or with a customized training program to use in your organization. You can run the training program or we can.

We will also develop customized marketing education tools to use as handouts so that staff has takeaway reminders of how to use new-found skills.

Marketing consulting can involve a plan for some months, for full year, or a monthly program with given homework and follow-up meetings.

The goal is to develop a strategy so that marketing is not a chore, but a process that can be enjoyed. Your company can get the results you want using the tools we have developed to improve your marketing efforts.

E-Mail Marketing

The simple act of having someone in the office surf over and sign up for a Constant Contact account can open a floodgate of troubles for the untrained. A pre-defined template is chosen; some text is forced in; some pictures are tacked on.

What happens? No marketing. No branding. And the whole process takes dozens of hours of productive time away from your employees. Construct can turn your E-marketing efforts into a way to reinforce your brand; to entertain (not annoy) your readers; and hopefully to open new avenues for communication.

Linkedin Training

LinkedIn can be a very powerful marketing tool, but no one really uses it that way. Why? Partially because it is seen as simply an online resume, or a way to collect friendships or document relationships that already exist.

Linkedin can do many more things for you. Here’s the two biggest changes you need to make to your Linkedin mindset:

Number one: it is an extension of your brand. Whatever brand you’re trying to establish in the marketplace should be clearly developed in your LinkedIn page as well.

Two: LinkedIn can be used to make new solid sales leads, continue your brand efforts, reestablish old relationships, expand your client base beyond your local area become a repository for great testimonials, and so much more.

We can come on site and help you – and your entire staff – rework their LinkedIn profiles for better results. Here’s what we can do:

  • Meet with each staff member to develop a consistent brand, rewrite their profile and reorganize their profile to more accurately reflect their skill set.
  • Train staff how to use LinkedIn better and how to use it in a strategic way.
  • Speak to groups and help demystify LinkedIn and teach them what a great tool LinkedIn can be for marketing.

Construct has solid success stories regarding LinkedIn and the great results people have received using it as a marketing tool. Let’s make it a part of your marketing efforts too.

Marketing Training

Most marketing companies want to create new marketing tools: new brand, new brochures, direct mail campaigns, new Web sites, E-mail campaigns… the list goes on.

But once those tools are delivered, you’re on your own. The challenge of how to use the new tools and what to do when interacting with the potential contact or client is left to be solved by your personnel.

Many marketing personnel are well trained in analytics. They are not expected to be sales people or to excel in direct customer contact. The thought of a sales call might give them shivers. Or they might be thinking that their closing ratio is so low that direct calls waste their time.

That is why it’s a great idea to have some training to learn how to do sales and marketing in such a way that you can easily get good results. We can do marketing training for an individual, a small group or a room of 50.

Here’s how it works: meet with us and we’ll discuss the problem and how we might find a solution. Construct will then develop a custom marketing training session to meet the needs of you and your staff.

Remember, we not only specialize in developing tools for marketing service businesses but also in developing marketing methods that work well for service businesses.

Consider a short marketing training session to help demystify marketing and help everyone get better results when they’re out meeting clients and doing sales.


“Thank you for an amazing web site! Thanks for believing in me!”
Carol Hofgartner, Executive Director, Art Road Nonprofit

“I’ve enjoyed working with you – you’ve been so responsive to our conversations about the program, in such different facets, all so well graphically represented. Attendance was up at our program – we were vey pleased. Thanks again for your patience and care.”
Carol Barbour, Ph. D., Chair, Michigan Psychoanalytic Society Program Committee Continue reading