We create more than just great marketing tools for clients. Our marketing consulting programs help entrepreneurs and their staff understand and master the marketing process.

  • How to include marketing in their daily work.
  • How to plant marketing seeds all the time.
  • How to get better results and have fun with marketing.
  • How to get customers to act as sales people and refer you more often.

You’ll learn how to be a better marketer with individualized coaching in a series of coaching sessions or with a customized training program to use in your organization. You can run the training program or we can.

We will also develop customized marketing education tools to use as handouts so that staff has takeaway reminders of how to use new-found skills.

Marketing consulting can involve a plan for some months, for full year, or a monthly program with given homework and follow-up meetings.

The goal is to develop a strategy so that marketing is not a chore, but a process that can be enjoyed. Your company can get the results you want using the tools we have developed to improve your marketing efforts.