Marketing Training

Most marketing companies want to create new marketing tools: new brand, new brochures, direct mail campaigns, new Web sites, E-mail campaigns… the list goes on.

But once those tools are delivered, you’re on your own. The challenge of how to use the new tools and what to do when interacting with the potential contact or client is left to be solved by your personnel.

Many marketing personnel are well trained in analytics. They are not expected to be sales people or to excel in direct customer contact. The thought of a sales call might give them shivers. Or they might be thinking that their closing ratio is so low that direct calls waste their time.

That is why it’s a great idea to have some training to learn how to do sales and marketing in such a way that you can easily get good results. We can do marketing training for an individual, a small group or a room of 50.

Here’s how it works: meet with us and we’ll discuss the problem and how we might find a solution. Construct will then develop a custom marketing training session to meet the needs of you and your staff.

Remember, we not only specialize in developing tools for marketing service businesses but also in developing marketing methods that work well for service businesses.

Consider a short marketing training session to help demystify marketing and help everyone get better results when they’re out meeting clients and doing sales.