“Thank you for an amazing web site! Thanks for believing in me!”
Carol Hofgartner, Executive Director, Art Road Nonprofit

“I’ve enjoyed working with you – you’ve been so responsive to our conversations about the program, in such different facets, all so well graphically represented. Attendance was up at our program – we were vey pleased. Thanks again for your patience and care.”
Carol Barbour, Ph. D., Chair, Michigan Psychoanalytic Society Program Committee

“We’re thrilled with the way they (the new brochures) turned out – we’ve been getting nothing but compliments on them since they arrived, so thank you for all your great work.”
Liz Lent, Cranbrook Educational Community

“Your creativity blows me away.”
Mike Parmerlee, Arbor Press

“Just wanted to let you know that we are receiving rave reviews on the new brochures. Thanks again for a job well done!”
Kathleen Butcher, Michigan Institute for Human Performance

“I want to write an official “thank you” for your hard work on our Detroit Tricentennial Historical Church poster. Everyone is delighted with the results and it will be a fine educational tool for Detroit’s elementary school children. It is a poster our organization can be proud of.”
Roberta Keydal, President, National Society of the Historical Dames of America in the State of Michigan

“This design is still the coolest!”
Jeff Garland, Jeff Garland Photography