Branding Examples

Kuderik CPA

Mr. Kuderik's business is tax preparation and tax planning for individual and business clients. We took his interest in European architecture and travel and gave him a Continental flair.

Kapalua Floors

This hardwood floor installer/refinisher now has a fresh, clean approach - a perfect brand for their eco-friendly, low-VOC, dustless floor finishing system.


With over 100 years in the lumber business, the company has seen many changes. Their shift to very specialized lumber products - laminations, plywoods and composites - needed to be reflected in their brand.


A high-tech approach to the title business, this company has been rapidly growing, even in the face of a housing downturn. Our logo brought a youthful vibe that works.

Art Road

Art Road Nonprofit needed a brand sophisticated enough for donors and foundations to take seriously - and childlike enough to be emotionally appealing. A thriving nonprofit has blossomed.


A design/build firm with the major advantage of having a talented designer and a master builder/carpenter/cabinetmaker as principals.


Manistee Vacation Rentals rents condos at Harbor Village on Lake Michigan's eastern shore. The design brief here is for family fun, but not too 'family' - fun for grown-ups too.


A completely new brand for a workers' compensation insurance plan tailored to the needs of construction workers. What was once a set of Word documents is now a completely new, full-on attitude.

877 We Buy Scrap

They raised the bar on professionalism in an industry not known for a sterling presentation. We backed it up with strong, professional branding.


Wedding and event planning services by a licensed and ordained chaplain who also officiates wedding ceremonies as the minister. The brand is upscale yet playful - appropriate for his younger audience.


Warm and personal, without fanfare - yet focused on results. That's the brand here.

Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford is not only a caring and talented psychiatrist, but also an avid gardener and photographer of garden subjects, so the way was paved to make this a personal statement.


"in business for business" is the mantra for this firm. It is part of the brand everywhere: in print and online.

Marcia Wilk

Creating a premier brand began in this case with traditional typefaces and a sophisticated color palette. Soon everyone was watching their brand.


Construct initiated the first branding effort for Gleaners that encompassed print, web and outdoor media. The colors and bold photos serve as metaphor for hunger relief success, rather than pity or mourning.

WSU Fundraiser

Goal: generate funds for a new student commons building. Result? Millions of dollars pledged. Score one for strong design and writing,

Heart Wood Studio

Fine custom woodworking by two extraordinary craftsmen whose strengths make the business a total design and engineering success. They heart wood.

Legacy Dental Group

This a happy family dental office, bright and shiny with happy people and happy clients. They are also superior cosmetic dentistry specialists. The brand message is bright and happy but totally professional.

Enspire Fitness

This running coach and personal trainer teaches a whole-body approach to exercise and personal wellness. The brand echoes this with a holistic-spa-healthy attitude.


A classic format with timeless shapes and colors was well-suited to the personality of the business and helped its transformation from custom-designed craft jeweler to equestrian-themed jewelry enterprise.

Charlton Group

The Charlton Group is a global product representation and project management support firm. How to build a brand that is global and acts "local" with truly personal customer service? Let's see...


Daiek Woodworks is quality - uncompromising quality. Daiek Woodworks is style - craftsman style to be exact. The aesthetic drives every facet of the brand.

Paul Long

Authentic Storytelling = the Paul Long brand. He represents all that is good and true in film making and special event production: great stories, well told.

AWI Great Lakes

This cadre of highly skilled artists also happen to be in the business of creating wood things for architects and builders. The work is astonishing and we needed to tell people that.


Polk & Associates is a CPA firm that wanted a jump-start for its marketing efforts. The logo needed help and the firm needed a vision. The new logo is distinctive and the message is clear - there's a new leader of the pack.

Buckner Law Group

A law firm specializing in environmental law certainly didn't need the hard-edged corporate vibe. Here the scales of justice are tipped in favor of more earth-friendly images.

Pete's the Guy

Pete is a master craftsman among mortgage professionals, really the go-to guy. And he's fun too. So is the brand.


Financial planners with three core virtues: personal, objective, focused. There's your message - everywhere, every time - on printed things, internet things, tchotchke things.

Metsa Wood

Finnforest USA's parent company is Metsa Wood, an international supplier of plywood and engineered wood products.

Kropp Woodworking

Kropp has created fine custom furniture and architectural millwork for clients across America. Their blend of high-touch and high-tech gave rise to a stylized, clean look with echoes of Arts and Crafts.

Gardens that Work

Bespoke gardening services - artful and practical - in every way.

Profile Weight Loss

The use of DNA profiling to direct a customized weight loss program makes this approach unique. Rather than getting all technical, the focus is on real people and real results.


Custom woodworking and contracting by a pro who says he was "doing this since I was old enough to have a hammer." Decades later, the drive to excel still shows.

Daiek Door Systems

A manufacturer of custom doors with mirror, glass and other finishes. The goal was to upgrade the look and showcase the clean, high-style materials, surfaces and hardware.

Mod Interiors

Mod Interiors is more than a custom woodworking shop. They have created woodwork projects of all types in all industries. Mod Interiors has the confidence to accept the challenge and the capability to fabricate anything In almost any material: wood, plastics, metals, in any combination.


Funky colors in a retro vibe for a chiropractic office in need of a facelift and a jumpstart on the fun factor.

Cali Chiro

A fresh look for a well-established chiropractic center with new colors and easy going attitude. Building signage gets the big bold treatment for a busy avenue.

Jeff Cook

A personal trainer in Akron, Ohio with the experience and knowledge to come through on his promise of "fitness without injury." The graphics are strong - just how you're going to be when you start working out with Jeff.

What is Branding

Branding isn’t just advertising or brochures. It’s not just websites and social media.

Branding is the essential personality of your business, all packaged up for public consumption. Every aspect of your interaction with clients is part of your brand.

The development of your brand results in tangible, out-in-the-real-world assets that can help you move forward with improving your public presence and recognition. It also has the effect of energizing and focusing your internal compass: everyone from suppliers to employees to board members interacts more positively with a well-focused company.

Every company is different. Finding that essential character and communicating it is what we do.