E-Mail Marketing

The simple act of having someone in the office surf over and sign up for a Constant Contact account can open a floodgate of troubles for the untrained. A pre-defined template is chosen; some text is forced in; some pictures are tacked on.

What happens? No marketing. No branding. And the whole process takes dozens of hours of productive time away from your employees. Construct can turn your E-marketing efforts into a way to reinforce your brand; to entertain (not annoy) your readers; and hopefully to open new avenues for communication.


Ink on paper: marketing communications designed to inform, entertain, promote, provoke. A one-size-fits-all package is a disservice to both the client and the audience. Communication, not just decoration, is what we are about. Regardless of the medium, effective communication is the most important principle.


“What’s your website address?” is now a more common question than “Do you have a brochure?” Websites are a validation of your business presence and a valuable way to distribute information without having to repackage it for every viewer. Construct uses its marketing communication principles to manage your brand on the web too.